Used Bicycles Hamburg

Wondering where to get a used bike in Hamburg? The Fietsenbörse takes place regularly, where you can buy used bikes in Hamburg! Why buy new when there is still so much life in used bikes? Here you can find for example used bikes from Hamburg Wadsbeck, used bikes from Hamburg Harburg or used bikes from Hamburg Altona.

We offer you:

  • over 500 used bikes in Hamburg on the spot, to test ride, to inspect thoroughly, to fall in love with right away
  • a bike auction in Hamburg with used bikes for young and old, in all colors and (almost) all shapes
  • the possibility to compare prices - without pressure and obligation to buy
  • independent bike specialists to help you find the perfect used bike in Hamburg for you
  • an official proof of purchase for your new used bike

Come to Fietsenbörse Hamburg - and bring your friends and family! Here you can find everything from used children's bikes to used Dutch bikes (Hollandräder), used offroad bikes and used city bikes. With us you can buy used bikes in Hamburg in perfect condition. You can even help the environment by saving resources and reusing old bikes.

Second hand bikes Hamburg

Maybe you are about to search ebay Kleinanzeigen Hamburg for "used bikes Hamburg Wandsbeck" or "bike second hand Hamburg". But the disadvantage here is that the bikes offered under "used bikes Hamburg" and "bike second hand Hamburg" often have defects that may not be noticed until later - and the buyer has given you neither warranty nor proof of purchase and does not want to take back the used bike from eBay Kleinanzeigen. Just save yourself the stress of searching ebay Kleinanzeigen Hamburg for "used bikes Hamburg". You don't have to buy your bike used in Hamburg online, just come to the bike market. It's faster and easier than searching eBay for a bike in Hamburg. At the bicycle market you can find "used bicycles Hamburg" live and in action. eBay Kleinanzeigen is not the only way to buy used bicycles in Hamburg!

Bicycle Market Hamburg

Since 2017, the largest bicycle market in Hamburg - the Fietsenbörse - has been held almost monthly. The regularity already testifies to its success, but did you know that not only Hamburg residents sell their used bikes here in Hamburg? The bicycle auction Hamburg is one of the largest contact points for used bicycles Hamburg, also for supraregional dealers! This is also the reason for our large offer of different used bikes on Fietsenbörse Hamburg. From used offroad bikes in Hamburg to vintage bikes in Hamburg or even branded bikes like Gazelle bikes in Hamburg, we have a large offer. Also, tinkerers are welcome here, too, to sell their used and modified bikes in Hamburg, or to find one and take it home to polish up. We offer more than 500 used bikes in Hamburg for the half-empty student wallet and the demanding office worker. If you buy your bike used in Hamburg, you save money and don't run the risk of getting a cheap China imitation. Buying your bike used in Hamburg is cheaper and you still get good quality! Another advantage is that you can test ride your used bike immediately - this is of course not possible with eBay Kleinanzeigen.

Purchasing and selling bicycles in Hamburg

You want something new and want to get rid of your old bike? Then bring it to us, to the bike market Hamburg. We make sure that your used bicycles are sold in Hamburg! You determine the price - without ifs and buts. While your used bike is waiting for its new family, you are welcome to look around and test ride other bikes. If your bike is sold, you will receive your money at the end of the bike auction Hamburg, minus a small commission. Who knows, maybe you'll soon see someone happily riding your used bike around Hamburg!

As a bicycle dealer with, for example, a racing bike outlet in Hamburg or a shop for purchase and sale of bicycles in Hamburg, you benefit from the fact that we turn your used bikes into money. Many interested parties and customers do not want a used bike, but a new one and that's where you come in! In the morning, bring the used bikes from your road bike outlet Hamburg or your second hand bike shop in Hamburg and while you are working in your bike store, your unwanted bikes will finally find new owners. In the afternoon you simply pick up your earnings. Some of our sellers regularly bring new or even a used bike to Fietsenbörse Hamburg and sell around 20 bikes per market day! From vintage bikes to city bikes or Gazelle bikes and other brands, you can get rid of your old bikes at Fietsenbörse Hamburg!

If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at 0176/83263327 or by mail to

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