Used Bikes Berlin

There are many ways how to buy used bikes in Berlin. The advantages of buying a used bike in Berlin are as diverse as the offers. You do not waste resources and give a used bike in Berlin a second life. Second hand is trending, not only with used bikes. But buying a Holland bike in Berlin is easier thought than done! Branded bikes like Gazelle bikes are available in Berlin in abundance. But how do you find the right one and how can you safely buy your bike used in Berlin? Here is a small overview of the possibilities to buy used bikes in Berlin.

Bike used Berlin

Of course you can easily use eBay Kleinanzeigen Berlin for used bicycles. Depending on which part of town you are from, just type "used bikes Berlin Charlottenburg" or "used bikes Berlin Steglitz" into the search box and eBay Kleinanzeigen Berlin will spit out hundreds of offers and ads. For example, you can find a BMX bike used in Berlin, or a Holland bike in Berlin, or even one of the already mentioned Gazelle bikes in Berlin. On eBay Kleinanzeigen you can find cheap used bikes in Berlin, but you run the risk of wasting a lot of time and nerves. Why? Because many used bicycles in Berlin that you can find under "used bicycles Berlin" on eBay have defects that are hidden in photos so that you don't see them on first glance. You take time out of your day and drive or walk to the seller to finally buy your bike used in Berlin and realize during the inspection: it does not fit, it wobbles, you do not like it after all. Then you make the compromise to buy a used bike on eBay Kleinanzeigen Berlin and get ripped off (again). Buying cheap used bikes in Berlin on eBay Kleinanzeigen is often more difficult than expected. What a bummer. You had hoped buying a bike second hand in Berlin would be easier!

Berlin used bikes

How can you buy used bikes in Berlin, without much effort? Of course, it would be best if you could look at the used bikes immediately and test ride them on the spot. We have the right place for you: the Fietsenbörse! This msarket for buying and selling bikes in Berlin offers you all the possibilities to finally buy a used bike in Berlin. Then you'll see, it's not that hard to buy used bikes in Berlin! A second hand bike will still serve you well.
The Fietsenbörse offers you:

  • Over 500 cheap used bicycles in Berlin
  • Prices, brands and used bikes in Berlin that you can compare and test ride
  • Bike specialists who will help you buy your used bike in Berlin
  • An official proof of purchase that you bought your bike used in Berlin

Since 2016, the Fietsenbörse has been held regularly in Berlin. Even national sellers and tinkerers want to buy and sell used bikes here in Berlin. So you have a huge offer of cheap used bikes in Berlin. We want to make it easier for you to buy used bikes in Berlin.

Second Hand Bike Berlin

Berlin is a big city, so it can be confusing to search for "used bicycles in Berlin Charlottenburg" or "used bicycles in Berlin Steglitz". Often bicycles are advertised under the wrong districts, or the search engine fails to define the exact terms you search for. So finding a second hand bike in Berlin is much easier if you just come to Fietsenbörse Berlin and look at all the bikes live and on-site.

You can also bring your second hand bike in Berlin and the surrounding area to us and we will sell it for you! How else would we get the huge amount of used bikes in Berlin? Don't break a sweat to put your used bike in Berlin on eBay Kleinanzeigen. Just bring it to Fietsenbörse and we will take care of the sale while you enjoy the day, work, or look around Fietsenbörse Berlin yourself. After the market closes, you simply pick up your money.

Of course, we don't accept only your second hand bike in Berlin. For example, if you have a bike store and your non-seller bikes are taking up space, you can bring them to us too! Especially brand bikes like Gazelle bikes or Holland bikes are very popular in Berlin. Instead of letting them gather dust, you can turn them into cash with us!

If you have any questions, you can reach us by phone at 0176/83263327 or by mail at

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