Bike market Berlin

The Fietsenbörse - Used bikes in Berlin

Riding a bike not only saves money, it is also good for your health. We sleep better when we took a ride on the good old bicycle and also reduce some stress when we bike. But a really good, new bike can cost well into the four-digit range. That's why we launched the Fietsenbörse in 2016. Once a month on a Saturday, there are usually up to 600 bikes of different types on the Winterfeldtplatz in Berlin Schöneberg. These are brought to us by sellers as well as by private individuals and tinkerers to find a new owner. At our second-hand bike market in Berlin you are guaranteed to find the right bike for you - at affordable prices!

Advantages of the bike market in Berlin

We are something like a bike flea market in Berlin. This means that you - unlike for example on ebay Kleinanzeigen - can look at many bikes at once and test ride them. In addition, you will not be ripped off at our bike market Berlin, because if you are unsure, you can always ask questions to one of the independent specialists on site and reassure that the used bicycles are really of high quality.
In addition, we give you an official proof of purchase when you buy a bike, so you don't have to worry about the bike being stolen. Due to the large selection you can also compare prices and get the best deal. To put in in a nutshell: If you need a bike in Berlin, the Fietsenbörse will be a win!

Also, as a seller you enjoy many advantages: A bike shop in Schöneberg would have predetermined prices and there would be little room for negotiation. Unlike a bicycle shop in Berlin, you as the seller determine the price at the Fietsenbörse. Should the sale not succeed, you can take your bike back home at the end of the market day. The risk is minimal and you do not have to no compromise in terms of price. We are therefore not like a bike shop in Berlin for bikes, but a kind of mediator. We also take the customer contact off your hands. With online portals like ebay Kleinanzeigen you would have to make many appointments for viewing ans testing and hope, that the interested parties really show up. If you hand in your used bike to us, you can just enjoy your day and - hopefully - collect your money at the end of the day. Sounds great, doesn't it?