Uli's Museumsladen - a Special kind of Museum in Berlin

Cycling has a long history. From old penny-farthings to modern e-bikes - bicycles have constantly evolved and taken us a long way. Berlin-based Uli Feick captures this exciting history in his museum store in Berlin.

Ulis Museumsladen - Sightseeing in Berlin

Uli's Museumsladen

At Jagowstraße 28 in Berlin-Spandau, there is an inconspicuous entrance that has it all. As you enter, you can already guess what is hidden here. It smells "old", a little like dust and polished wood: the smell of a museum! Uli Feick has captured the history of the bicycle in painstaking detail, but with a lot of heart and love, and now makes it available to us in his Museumsladen. The exhibition begins in the large glass counter that serves as the reception area. Lamps, bells, locks, the first repair kits - anyone who is a fan of everyday objects from the old days will be delighted here. Shelves full of bicycle inner tubes and antique spokes, beautifully decorated leather saddles and small and large bicycle models adorn the museum. Browsing allowed, questions welcome!

My highlight: The penny-farthing

The historic penny-farthing made my fingers tingle. How I would have loved to ride it! But we're in a museum after all, so I have to look at the beautiful vehicle from a distance. Uli explains that you could ride faster with large front wheels without having to exert more force. There were no gears around 1850. And no brakes either. So the motto was to ride with foresight - and hope that all dachshunds were kept on a leash. The saddle of the penny-farthing is actually level with my head. I don't want to imagine a fall, especially as bicycle helmets were not yet widespread.

Used bikes directly opposite

Uli's bike store is located directly opposite the museum. As a specialist for vintage bikes and especially for "Brooks" leather saddles, the store is regularly well frequented. In addition to leather balm and literature from the late 19th century, there is also an old tricycle with bright blue original paintwork. Uli's store is also worth a visit just to browse. For used bicycles of all kinds, we recommend that you consult this list: Secondhandräder Berlin, or simply come to the next bicycle exchange 😉

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