Time to Say Goodbye: Where to Sell Your Bike

You have read and followed our article Selling used bikes - with success and are now ready to sell your bike? Then we have the best tips for you here on where you can find opportunities and possibilities to find a buyer - and max profit.

So einfach kann man gebrauchte Fahrräder kaufen

Your bike is cleaned, the tires pumped up and the chain freshly oiled - your bike is ready for a new journey. There are several possibilities where you can find interested people.
One of them is for example

The famous online exchange

eBay, Quoka or dealmywheel promise you to be able to sell your bike quickly and easily thanks to high visitor numbers and inquiries. The perfect sale looks like this: You advertise, a trustworthy interested party contacts you within a very short time, you talk about the bike and make an appointment to have a proper look at it. The buyer comes on time, he likes the bike, you get your money in cash without any ifs and buts, you both sign the sales contract and the buyer happily pedals away into the sunset. Perfect~

But we've all had the experience that you advertise something and nothing happens... simply nothing. Maybe a few clicks, someone puts your offer on the watch list and that's it.
Of course you can also be lucky and you can hardly save yourself from inquiries. Picking out someone "right" and trustworthy, especially if you want to go on a first come, first served basis, is difficult. Then you have to beware of scammers and scammers. Statements like "my friend will pick up the bike and then I'll transfer you the money" should set your alarm bells ringing. Always get the money in person and in cash. (PayPal also has tricks to get money back!)
A safer way to sell your bike is with a

Local dealer

Some bike shops that offer new bikes also accept and resell used bikes. The positive thing is that you know your bike is in good hands and you get your money. Of course, it is also advisable to clean it thoroughly beforehand. The less work the dealer has, the more willing they will be to accept your bike. The only thing you have to keep in mind with bike shops is that they still want to make a profit from your bike. That's why they keep the purchase price low. They might even look for imperfections to drive the price down even further. So don't be disappointed if you get less money for your bike than you would have liked!
You have the opportunity to impose your own price at

The bike market

At bicycle markets like this Fietsenbörse you will find all the advantages of modern 21st century sales activities. Bike acceptance is morning to mid-morning, you can bring your bike in during this period. You can find out the exact times for your city on our website. When you accept, you set the price for your bike, no ifs or buts. No discounts are given on the Fietsenbörse and there is no haggling. You get what you ask for your bike. We also check your personal details so that we can be sure that we only offer bikes that have not been stolen. Many bicycle markets charge a small processing fee - at the Fietsenbörse it's €3. Finally, you simply place your bike in a free space and you are done!
Now you can leave the premises carefree, do your errands, go to work, go to the cinema, visit your grandmother... whatever you do at the weekend. Of course you can also stay with your bike and advertise it, but that's not a must. The advantage is that the Fietsenbörse is the largest contact point for those interested in bicycles. This means that you have a very good chance of selling your bike here. Visitors to the bicycle market benefit from being able to view and test several bicycles directly on site, even with professional advice from our bicycle experts. Someone will surely swing their behind onto your old saddle!
When the bike market is over, you simply collect your money from us and everything is safe and sound. You got rid of your old bike (perhaps you found a new used bike on the Fietsenbörse? ;-) ) and received your money - without any effort, stress or problems. So that the Fietsenbörse can continue to exist, rent spaces and pay helpers, we need to demand a little fee, which is expressed in a small sales commission. Should it actually happen that your bike is not sold, you have no further costs.
As you can see, the bike market is the safest and most convenient way to sell your bike. And of course you are also very welcome to just come by and have a look!

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