First place to go for used bicycles: Fahrradbörse Berlin

The weather is nice, the sun is shining - but your old bike is past its prime. Instead of buying a new bike, you decide to be environmentally conscious and buy a used bike. So your first place to go is the Fahrradbörse Berlin!

Fahrradbörse Berlin - what's it all about?

Well, in Berlin there is of course not just one bike market. There is of course us, the Fietsenbörse, which regularly opens its locks and gates for you on Winterfeldplatz. You can choose your new used bike from more than 800 bikes from private sellers, tinkerers and hobbyists who simply enjoy working on their bikes. We make sure that we only offer used bikes at our Berlin bike market that you will enjoy for a long time to come. We do not accept scrap or even stolen bikes. We check the personal details of the sellers and include them in the purchase contract. This is also the next big point that is important to us and distinguishes us as a reliable bike market: the contract of sale. With this, you can prove that the bike officially belongs to you and that you did not steal it. If you keep the contract for as long as you own the bike, you will always be on the safe side - especially if you want to sell your bike again (for example at the Berlin bike exchange).
It is important to us that you don't just buy any bike from us. That's why we have experts on hand to advise you and help you find a suitable used bike. That's what makes us special. At many other bicycle flea markets there is often only the seller or organiser and one or two helpers who are perhaps not quite as knowledgeable about bicycles. But at our Berlin bike market you will feel well-advised and looked after - and cycle home with a good feeling and a great used bike.

What alternatives are there to the Berlin bike market?

Unfortunately, our Berlin bike market cannot take place every weekend - that would be a dream! But there are other places where you can find good used bikes. Here you can find a (german) list of shops that sell both new and used bikes in Berlin: If you keep your eyes open, you'll quickly notice that there are a thousand second-hand bike shops in Berlin. It's like that phenomenon where you've learned a new word and it suddenly pops up everywhere. So if the timing is inconvenient and the next Berlin bike market is not for another three weeks, you can contact one of the dealers on the list. instead of the Berlin bike market

In the list of you can find bike shops from many districts of Berlin that offer used bikes. If you decide to go to one of these shops instead of coming to the Fahrradbörse Berlin, we won't cry quietly into our pillows at night (promise!). When buying a used bike at the Berlin bike market, you of course have the advantage that you can choose from hundreds of bikes right there on the spot. Unfortunately, second-hand shops often only have a small selection. But our goal is to see more people on bikes instead of in cars. Especially for Berlin, that would be a boon for the environment and, above all, safety. The main thing is that you ride a bike, and preferably a second-hand one. Not only do you save resources, you also save money. That's why we wanted to present you . If you can't visit us at the Berlin bike market, you can have a look at shops here. See you for the next bike!

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