Selling used bikes - with success

Used bicycles can quickly be made more attractive and, above all, safer for potential buyers. With 5 simple tips you can increase the sales success of your used bike!

Von / 07. July 2022

So einfach kann man gebrauchte Fahrräder kaufen

Since the start of the pandemic, more people have been using bicycles or walking - cars have stopped, buses and trains are empty. According to the Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club, the ADFC, traffic congestion has dropped by 40%. The Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport states that a quarter of Germans say they have been cycling more since the start of the pandemic than before. What is good news for road traffic and the environment is also good news for the bicycle trade: The bicycle business is booming.

And not only new bikes, but especially used bikes are sold to men and women. To make sure that we all stay safe on the road and sell safe used bikes - because that's mainly in the hands of the sellers - we'll give you tips in this blog article on how to make your used bike not only more attractive, but also safer. Let's go!

1. Clean, clean, clean
Of course, rusty handlebars and the splashes of mud from the last off-road ride are not necessarily the icing on the cake. But with simple means you can make your bike shine again. For ordinary mud and dirt, simple hot water with washing-up liquid will suffice. Let your bike soak for a good 15 minutes and then get to work! Use a sponge to clean the handlebars and frame from top to bottom and the wheels from the inside out. You can use a brush or the coarse side of a sponge to remove stubborn dirt. Just polish dry and everything that isn't gold will shine.

But what about the rust? There are many home remedies for this. Our favorite and most reliable agent so far is WD40. Spray it on any rusty spots and let it sit. You can remove most of the rust after just a few minutes. With a toothbrush you can get into all corners and screw heads. If there are any rust residues left, spray them again and let the WD40 work for longer - 24 hours if necessary. After that, no residue should be visible and the first step towards successfully selling your used bike has been taken.

2. Clean and oil the chain
You should pay particular attention to the chain. Old, dried chain oil does not make a good impression and squeaks when driving. There are special (biodegradable!) chain cleaners that gently but effectively remove dirt from the chain. With a small brush, like a toothbrush, you can get around and into every limb. After cleaning, it is important to re-oil each chain link on the inside. There are sprays or oils in a bottle that you can apply selectively. Be sure to keep a cloth under and behind the chain to keep the oil from getting on the floor or on your freshly cleaned bike.

3. Pump up the wheels
What can be too much work with a traditional hand pump is quickly done with an electric pump or a compressor. Many bike shops offer a tire inflation service, which is often free or you can do it yourself. The good thing is that bike shops have the right pump for every valve. If your bike has a Schrader valve, you can even inflate it at the nearest gas station if that's allowed there. It's a myth that bike tires can burst from it, but not every gas station will allow you to inflate your bike there.

3. Adjust the saddle
Nothing is more uncomfortable than looking at a bike and you can't get on because the saddle is too high. Or the saddle is too low and you sit there like an egg and can't really concentrate on riding. Help your future buyer now by adjusting the saddle to a normal height. The good thing about modern saddles is that they can be easily adjusted with the help of a lever. That means only one movement for you, but a convincing test drive for the buyer.

4. Control traffic safety
See and be seen is the motto on the road. Check that front and rear lights are working and that reflectors are attached correctly (or at all). In addition, the brakes have to grip. Brakes and lights are wearing parts. In any case, before selling, make sure that they are still working properly. If not, you should either lend a hand yourself or have these things done professionally. You don't want to be responsible if something happens to the future owner of your bike! In addition, a loud and clear bell is another point that we would like to draw your attention to.

5. The sale
Now the time has come - it's time for sale! But how do you reach as many interested parties as quickly as possible? This is best done at a bike market for used bikes - like the Fietsenbörse. Hundreds of interested parties come to every event. You hand in your used bike in the morning for a small handling fee and then... you do what you want to do! We take care of everything, from advice, test driving (let us) and sale. For you, apart from a small commission for your sold bike, this means no effort. And since we have so many visitors, the sale rate of the used bikes in the bike market is high. You pick up your proceeds at the end of the market and everyone is happy!


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