Flea markets in Hanover - from horses to bicycles

Flea markets in Hanover take place all year round. As the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover offers interesting flea markets in different parts of the city every weekend, as well as cultural attractions. Each flea market in Hanover has its own charm and even runs under its own motto. Flea market professionals appreciate the variety and enjoy the family flea markets in Hanover, which have a lot to offer.

Flea markets in Hanover - from horses to bicycles

1st flea market Hannover: Altstadtflohmarkt Hannover

The Altstadtflohmarkt Hannover in Hannover Mitte takes place all year round and is the oldest flea market in Germany. Every Saturday, bargain hunters can stroll, haggle and find what they are looking for on the Hohe Ufer. With a view of the Biegenturm tower, the Altstadtflohmarkt Hannover in Hannover Mitte enchants with junk and bric-a-brac as well as art and collectibles. The Altstadtflohmarkt has become part of the cityscape and shapes the weekly events and commercial life. The Altstadtflohmarkt Hannover is worth a visit on any trip to the city - its location in the center of Hannover is a big plus!

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Am Hohen Ufer, 30159 Hannover Mitte
Every Saturday on 26.11., 03.12., 10.12., 17.12.
From 09:00 - 15:00

2nd flea market Hanover: flea market store in the WOK Kitchen Museum

A special highlight for antique lovers is the flea market store in the Kitchen Museum in Spichernstraße in Hanover Vahrenwald-List. This interesting flea market in Hanover offers items from the museum magazine! From household goods, tables, chairs, fabrics, fashion, glassware to decorations, cookbooks and kitchen furniture, you'll find everything in Hanover Vahrenwald-List. If you're looking for that special flea market in Hanover, you've found it here. After a visit to Hanover's most wonderful flea market, it's also worth paying a visit to the museum!

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Spichernstraße 22, 30161 Hanover Vahrenwald-List
Tuesday - Saturday
From 10:00 - 16:00

3rd flea market Hannover: Hannover Messe Nord

One of Hanover's flea markets in Hanover Döhren-Wülfel, which is partly covered and partly outdoors. Perfect for bad weather! One of Hanover's largest and best-attended flea markets takes place in front of and below parking deck 1 in front of the exhibition grounds. The good public transport connections to Hannover Döhren-Wülfel invite you to stroll and marvel. From household goods, building and craft materials, clothing and children's toys, the Hannover Messe Nord flea market is one of the most popular flea markets in Hanover! The Hannover Messe Nord flea market takes a winter break from December to March.

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Hermesallee, 30521 Hanover Döhren-Wülfel
Every Saturday, 26.11., 04.03., 11.03., 18.03., 25.03.
06:00 - 16:00

4th flea market Hanover: Neue Bult racecourse

The Hanover flea market at the Neue Bult racecourse is one of the largest flea markets in the whole of Lower Saxony and is located in Langenhagen, Hanover region. The popular flea markets near Hanover take place every Saturday in front of the Langenhagen racecourse. Up to 700 traders fill the hall, the outdoor area and the market stalls. Food and drink is provided, because nobody should have to go hungry at the flea market near Hanover!

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Theodor-Heuss-Straße 41, 30853 Langenhagen
Every Saturday, 26.11., 03.12., 10.12., 17.12.
08:00 - 16:00

5. Flohmarkt Hannover: Modelleisenbahn- und Spielzeugmarkt

Bahn- und Spielzeugfreunde werden diesen Flohmarkt bei Hannover lieben. In Langenhagen Godshorn findet sonntags der Modelleisenbahn- und Spielzeugmarkt in Form eines lockeren Flohmarkts bei Hannover statt. Der Flohmarkt tourt durch NRW und Niedersachsen und bietet neben Modelleisenbahnen auch Spielzeuge aus alter und neuer Zeit auf dem Flohmarkt an. Einer der besonderen Flohmärkte bei Hannover – nicht nur für Liebhaber!

Hier findet der Hannover Flohmarkt statt:
Bayernstraße 3, 30855 Langenhagen Godshorn
Sonntags, Termine werden kurzfristig bekannt gegeben, 27.11.
11:00 – 16:00

6th flea market Hanover: Kaufland parking lot

Flea markets as we know and love them: Hanover's well-known flea market takes place in the Kaufland parking lot in Krepenstraße in Hanover North. Anything that makes you happy is allowed - as long as it's old! Second-hand goods, homemade items, arts and crafts, but also food and luxury foods can be found at the flea markets in Hanover, which take place in the Kaufland parking lot in Hanover North. The Hannover flea market is financed by a small entrance fee of €1.

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Krepenstraße 5, 30165 Hanover North
Dates will be announced at short notice
Sunday 27.11.
Monday 26.12.
From 11:00 - 18:00

7th flea market Hanover: BRANDBOX fair

The people of Hanover seem to love model making. This is proven by the Langenhagen flea market near Hanover at the BRANDBOX trade fair. One of the flea markets near Hanover that offers model making, railroads and toys. High-quality items, rarities and bargains await new owners at this flea market in Langenhagen. Anyone who has had their fill of traditional flea markets in Hanover will get a completely new impression here.

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Bayernstraße 3, 30855 Langenhagen, Godshorn
Sunday, 27.11.
11:00 -15:00

8th flea market Hanover: A2 Center Möbel Höffner and Real Hanover

There is also a regular flea market for flea market lovers in Hanover Altwarmbüchen. In Opelstraße near the A2 Center there is plenty of space for junk, curiosities and something very special: the startup Kleiderly. Kleiderly offers eyewear collections made from old clothes at flea markets in Hanover. A new kind of plastic substitute. Finding something like this at flea markets in Hanover is a rarity! Well worth a visit. In order to maintain the quality and large selection of the Hanover Altwarmbüchen flea market, an entrance fee of €1 is charged.

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Opelstraße 3, 30916 Hanover, Altwarmbüchen
Sunday, 18.12.
08:00 - 15:00

9th flea market in Hanover: The Fietsenbörse

Of course, we can't be missing from our own list of flea markets in Hanover 😉 Perhaps you've already heard about our vision of getting more people onto bikes instead of cars? To make this a reality, we regularly organize Fietsenbörsen - flea markets in Hanover just for bicycles. We have something for everyone, from children's bikes to racing bikes, sometimes even cargo bikes.

This is where the Hannover flea market takes place:
Ernst-August-Platz 1, 30159 Hanover
Saturdays, winter break until March

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