Fietsen-Review: The most beautiful bike tours in and around the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

Hamburg, the vibrant port city in the north of Germany, not only offers a wealth of cultural sights and gastronomic delights, but also a multitude of wonderful cycle paths for you to explore. Whether along the Elbe, through idyllic parks or along the picturesque canals - every cyclist will find their own personal paradise here.

Von / 28. March 2024

Fietsen-Review: Die schönsten Radtouren in und um die Hansestadt Hamburg

1 Elbradweg - Elbe cycle path: in 1st place, of course!

The Elbe Cycle Path is one of the most popular cycle routes in Germany and takes you along the beautiful Elbe. From Hamburg-Altona, this route offers breathtaking views of the harbour and the historic Landungsbrücken. Then you can enjoy the green countryside around Hamburg, cycling past picturesque villages and idyllic landscapes. A particularly recommended route is the section between Hamburg and Lauenburg, which scores points with its well-developed cycle paths and varied nature.

Conclusion of the Fietsenbörse: The Elbe cycle route is one of the most popular cycle routes in Germany for good reason. Varied and inviting, you can cycle the whole route or sections of it and be impressed. Of course, you can buy a suitable second-hand bike at one of our second-hand bike markets in Hamburg!

2 Alsterwanderweg: nature in the middle of the city

The Alsterwanderweg is an oasis of calm in the middle of the lively metropolis of Hamburg. Perfect if you still have energy for shopping after your bike tour - or vice versa! The route runs along the Alster, one of the city's most famous bodies of water, and offers a perfect blend of urban flair and natural beauty. Along the way, cyclists can discover the beautiful parks and green spaces on the banks of the Alster, such as the Alstervorlandpark or the Eppendorfer Moorpark. The route is ideal for both leisurely family outings and sporty bike tours.

Conclusion of the Fietsenbörse: The versatility of the Alsterwanderweg invites everyone to get on their bike. Whether relaxed or challenging, this cycle tour is as versatile as you are. However, with a used bike from the Fietsenbörse, every route is a breeze for you!

3 Vier- und Marschlande: On the trail of history

The Vier- und Marschlande in the south-east of Hamburg are a true paradise for cyclists. The region is characterized by expansive fields, small canals and picturesque half-timbered houses and offers a multitude of varied cycle paths. One particularly rewarding route runs along the Dove-Elbe-Rundweg, which takes cyclists through the historic marshlands and past old farms and traditional windmills. Here you can enjoy the rural idyll and learn a lot about the history of the region at the same time.

Conclusion of the Fietsenbörse: This cycle tour is not just for cycling - bring plenty of provisions, because you'll definitely want to picnic here! You can easily park your used bike from the Fietsenbörse next to the benches along the way - and maybe one of the windmills will invite you to take a look!

4 Grüner Ring - Green Ring: Nature experience around Hamburg

The Green Ring is an approximately 100-kilometer-long cycle path that leads once around the city of Hamburg, passing through a variety of different landscapes. From dense forests and wide fields to idyllic river landscapes - here you can experience the diversity of nature around Hamburg up close. The section along the Este, a tributary of the Elbe, which leads through the picturesque Alte Land is a highly recommended part of the route**. Here you can marvel at the famous orchards and blossoming fruit trees and take a relaxing break in one of the cozy farm cafés.

Conclusion of the Fietsenbörse: Anyone who manages the whole 100km around Hamburg is a real champ! One thing is for sure, with a used bike from the Fietsenbörse you will experience a lot on this route.

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