You ask yourself whether to buy a second hand bike or a new one? Here we give tips on what to consider so that your new second hand bike does not turn out to be a false bargain

New bike or second hand bike?

  • An old, good quality bicycle, such as a gazelle bicycle, will last longer than a new cheap bicycle
  • Also the repair of the cheap, new bicycle is often more expensive, because the parts of cheap new bicycles are not of high quality
  • What looks beautiful is not necessarily high quality. Paint is cheap and a bicycle is quickly painted. The durability of a bicycle depends mainly on the quality of the moving parts
  • A new, good bicycle has its price. Below 450 Euro retail price one hardly gets durable quality

For all these reasons we recommend: Either dig deep into your pocket when buying a new bike or get a used bike for little money. The easiest way to get second hand bikes is to go to bike markets, because that's where the selection of used bikes is the largest.

Here you can find the Fietsenbörse bike markets:

Is the bike right for me?

  • No bike purchase without a test ride - only if you have tried your second hand bike you will know if it suits you.
  • Is the length of the bike (distance handlebar/saddle) right for you?
  • Is the saddle high enough? Be careful, the seat post may only be pulled up to a certain limit. This is usually marked. As a rule of thumb you can say that it should be inserted at least one index finger deep into the frame.
  • Do you sit comfortable on the bike and enjoy riding it?

Are the mechanics working?

  • Are both brakes working? Aren't the brake pads worn out already?
  • Does the gearshift work? - Shift through all gears once!
  • Are all moving parts well adjusted? Handlebars, shift and brake levers, wheels, suspension, pedals and cranks must move easily without wobbling.
  • Does the light work? - Are the required reflectors in place?
  • Do the wheels run smoothly without touching the brakes?
  • Are the tyres inflated, not worn out and without cracks?
  • Can suspension elements (fork, shock, seat post) be adjusted to my weight?

If all these things are right and you feel comfortable, then nothing stands inbetween you and your purchase. If you are unsure: At our bike markets we always have an independent bicycle specialist on site. You are welcome to ask for advice.

If you don't have time at the next bike market, under this link you can find all the information you need on where and how to get a second hand bike

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