Flea markets in Bremen - this is where the music plays!

Bremen is not only known for its town musicians, its flea markets are also very popular! Bremen's flea markets thrive on collectors, seekers and onlookers. Here we give you the hottest tips on when and where the next flea markets in Bremen are taking place!

Flohmärkte Bremen

1. flea market Bremen: Flea market on the Bürgerweide

From April to the end of August, you can browse and find the most interesting things at the flea market on the Bürgerweide. So that you don't have to miss out during the cold season, the flea market is moved to the Hansa Carré parking lot from September to March. With such flexibility, it's no wonder that the flea market on the Bürgerweide has been part of the city scene for 20 years!

This is where the Bremen flea market takes place:
April - August:
Theodor-Heuss-Allee 15
28215 Bremen

September - March:
Hansa Carré
Pfalzburger Str. 41
28207 Bremen

Takes place every Sunday! You can find all the exact dates here.

2. flea market Bremen: Antique and flea market on the Weser

The popular antique and flea market in Bremen takes place along the Weser every Saturday. Household items, games, children's clothing and more are sold here with a very special flair. The flea market in Bremen not only attracts rummage fans outside in wind and weather - the maritime ambience is simply irresistible, even for a short stroll.

This is where the Bremen flea market takes place:
On the banks of the Weser (Tiefer)
from April to October
every Saturday from 08:00-14:00

3. flea market Bremen: Flea market at EDU Einkaufspark Duckwitz

The flea market at the EDU shopping park impresses with its large selection. Private vendors with second-hand items, furniture and antiques are just as welcome here as commercial vendors with new goods. Catering stalls provide food and drink to keep you going for your big Bremen flea market at EDU Einkaufspark.

This is where the Bremen flea market takes place:
EDU Shopping Park
Duckwitzstraße 55
28199 Bremen

all year round on Sundays from 07:00-14:00

4. flea market Bremen: Bonus market

The Bonusmarkt is something very special. It is not just a normal flea market in Bremen, but also a creative market run by local artists, craftspeople and makers. In addition to popular junk, you will find unique handmade items, interesting works of art and above all: lots of inspiring conversations, a smile and cake!

This is where the Bremen flea market takes place:
Sports hall of the Vorwärts club
Violenstr. 25
28195 Bremen

The next dates will be announced here

5. flea market Bremen: Woman

Yes, you read that right. A flea market for women only! The flea market in Bremen is financed by a small entrance fee of €5. Clothes, jewelry, shoes - everything your heart desires! Come along to browse, gossip and try on. The Bremen Flea Market Woman offers a very unique flea market opportunity, from woman to woman.

The Bremen flea market takes place here:
Bremen Exhibition Center
Exhibition hall 5
Findorffstraße 101
28215 Bremen

next date:

Admission fee:

6. flea market Bremen: Tausendschön

With over 3,000 visitors and more than 140 exhibitors, Bremen's Tausendschön flea market is "definitely worth a visit". What makes it special? A wide variety of handicrafts and curiosities are presented to visitors in two exhibition halls and an outdoor area. It almost feels like a museum! The range on offer is huge: ceramics, home and garden accessories, felt work, metal and glass art, fashion, bags, baby and children's clothing, jewelry made of silver, gold, rubber, sea glass, leather and pearls, stationery, card art, photo art, cuddly toys, textile design, soaps, cosmetics, fruit spreads, chocolates, oils and more! If you can't find anything at this flea market in Bremen, you have to come back!

The Bremen flea market takes place here:
Bremen Wholesale Market
Am Waller Freihafen 1
28217 Bremen

Dates to be announced!

Admission: 3€

7. flea market Bremen: Piratini Market

Of course, a children's flea market should not be missing from our list. After all, flea markets in Bremen are an experience for the little ones - while the grown-ups are happy to find bargains! The Piratini market is financed by a small entrance fee of €4 - children up to the age of 15 are admitted free of charge. What we particularly like: Pregnant women with an accompanying person can visit the market earlier. This reduces stress and offers a small window of opportunity to secure the best bargains!

Where the Bremen flea market takes place:
Weserpark Bremen
Hans-Bredow-Straße 19
28307 Bremen

the next dates:
12.02.2023, 30.04.2023, 10.09.2023, 05.11.2023
11:00 - 15:00
Pregnant women with companion: from 10:30 am

Admission: 3€ from 15 years

8. flea market in Bremen: The Fietsenbörse

Of course we can't miss it in Bremen - because this is where the music plays. The Fietsenbörsestands for the goal of getting more people on bicycles instead of in cars. That's why we organize the bicycle market on the Bürgerweide in Bremen. Used bikes are environmentally friendly, inexpensive, save resources and get you fit! Who can say no to that?

This is where the flea market takes place:
Bürgerweide 10
28215 Bremen
Next dates: 26.08.2023, 30.09.2023

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