Christoph Forsting

Founder and CEO

Christoph lived in Münster for a long time and was always annoyed that nobody knew a good place to buy a second hand bike. So he took matters into his own hands and organized a marketplace and dealers. A small idea has now become probably the largest second hand bike market in Münsterland. After three years he realized that this problem exists in other cities as well. So Fietsenbörse now also runs bike markets in Osnabrück, Bremen, Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg

Johannes Forsting

Market manager

As Christoph's twin brother, Johannes had no other choice than to always help out when needed. Just like Christoph, Johannes is also a passionate cyclist and immediately found his passion for this idea. He manages the markets when his brother is absent.

The Team

A small group of bicycle enthusiasts has actually been found, who actively support Christoph and Johannes in their efforts to make this market happen. They defy all wind and weather and always stay in a good and friendly mood. All to the delight of our customers.

The Advisors

At every market there are bike specialists who will be happy to advise you on buying a bike. The team of advisors consists of various local bicycle dealers who provide independent advice on site.
Among others, these are some of our trusted specialists:
Reinhard Wilker, Zweirad Wilker, Belm
Michael Seydlitz, Zweirad Krallmann, Meppen

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