Looking for a second hand bike in Berlin?

There are different ways to buy used bikes in Berlin. Here you have a small overview:

Bicycle dealer

Bicycle dealers always have second hand bikes and there are even dealers who specialize in used bikes in Berlin. However, they usually only have a small selection of bicycles and you will not get independent advice. Therefore, you cannot compare prices and often have to go through several shops to find a good second hand bike that fits your expectations.

Ebay-Kleinanzeigen / Newspaper ads

The bikes on Ebay Kleinanzeigen or in newspaper ads often look good because the pictures are flattering. However, after you made the effort to meet up and test the bike on spot, you will often find defects or notice that the bike does not ride well. So you have to go online again and contact the next person to find a good bike that fits your needs. All this takes a lot of time and is often unsuccessful.

Berlin bike markets

You don't have all these problems at Berlin bike markets. Because here you have the following advantages in addition to a huge selection of second hand bikes, whether used Dutch bikes, used racing bikes, used mountain bikes, used city bikes or used children's bikes:

  • You can compare prices on the market, from dealers, tinkerers and private persons
  • You can test ride all bikes - even off the premises
  • You can ask an independent bike specialist for advice
  • You will receive an official sales contract with your purchase

Berlin's largest bike market - the Fietsenbörse

Berlin's largest bike market is the Fietsenbörse.

Since 2016, this takes place once a month on the Winterfeldtplatz (Schöneberg). With a selection of over 600 second hand bikes, it is by far the largest bike market in Berlin. It is so big and well-known that even supra-regional dealers and tinkerers come here to offer their bicycles. Also many private persons sell their used bikes here, so that you have an ideal mix of all sorts and prices.

Here you can find all dates for the biggest bike market in Berlin, the Fietsenbörse:

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